Plant Based Whole Foods

Don't go on a Diet, CHANGE Your Diet!

Simply change how you approach the food you eat. Nothing is more intimate and personal than what you put in your mouth each day to feed and nourish yourself. When you learn the ‘Why’ and the ‘How’ the ‘Standard American Diet’ is so extraordinarily hard on the body, what foods to wean yourself off of, what foods to integrate into your diet and how to do that—it is our experience that your entire life is transformed.

There are forces that control most aspects of our every day life. We work all day just to pay bills, taxes and even supplement the aging and unhealthy people of our society. Now people are in control of something. You determine what you buy at the grocery store and in turn what goes into your body. Take control of your weight, diebetes, high blood pressure, coloesterol, heart disease and so many other things that our body has to deal with because of what we eat!

Eat to live!

There is concrete proof in these documentaries that people who were taking medication for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Heart disease medicines no longer had the need to take medicine after they went to a plant based food diet. You may not need to make a drastic change initially, but without a doubt the proof is in the greens! |