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There is concrete proof in these documentaries that people who were taking medication for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Heart disease medicines no longer had the need to take medicine after they went to a plant based food diet. You may not need to make a drastic change initially, but without a doubt the proof is in the greens! |

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Health and Medicine News

News in medicine changes every day. We have links to the latest Health and Medicine News. Advances in health and medicine science. read more

Citizens For Health

Listen to the voice of the Natural Health consumer. Citizens For Health is a nonprofit, grassroots, consumer advocacy group that champions public policies empowering individuals to make informed health choices. read more

Texas State Registry for Organ Donors

The Department of State Health Services has a new Web site for Texans to register as organ, tissue and eye donors. Creation of the statewide registry was mandated by the Legislature, starting last September. More than 400 people in Texas died last year waiting for organ transplants. This can be prevented. Please here

A Medical Dictionary

MedTerms medical dictionary is the medical reference for, containing easy-to-understand explanations of over 16,000 medical terms. Medterms online medical dictionary provides quick access to hard-to-spell and often misspelled medical definitions through an extensive alphabetical listing. read more

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